Eyedropper Fill

"Thep Pra Than Pleng" by Eyedropper Fill In the past, the courtyard in front of Rong Kiek Shrine used to be used as an area for organizing a wide range of activities such as sports, movie screening, Chinese opera, and live music, as offerings to Gods in the Chinese belief. Nowadays, the shrine and people in Talad Noi community are barely connected and there is no longer an area for organizing such activities. "Thep Pra Than Pleng" has, therefore, been developed as a way to unite "praying", "karaoke", and "donation" into a single creatively charged, fun-filled charity activity, with every coin inserted into the karaoke box going to the shrine, and re-connect the people with the shine again. DIVERSCITY | A CITY OF DIVERSITY A community site-specific installation art festival consists of light and multimedia works that narrate stories and reflect the value of diversity in Charoenkrung - Talad Noi area, developed based on the concept "PLAY" that works are made to be accessible for all groups of people by allowing the visitors to participate in creating a "CROWDSOURCE" work, which collects and records various ideas of people in the area. The installation artworks have been developed revolving around three words: ‘PLAY’ - a fun platform that lets the audience play with the artwork. This will make the artwork easy to participate in for all groups of people such as designers, visitors, and local people in the area. ‘EXPRESS’ - audiences can express themselves and participate in creating art. ‘CROWDSOURCE’ - the art collection and recording of various ideas of people in the Charoenkrung-Talat Noi area. Hosted by EYEDROPPER FILL & YIMSAMER - Artists: EYEDROPPER FILL YIMSAMER KHOPFA CHANPENSRI DON BOY CHOKOON HATCHEW PEOPLE MU STUDIO PHOTONBKK YEAST SATURATE KIDSOD STUDIO YELLABAN PUG-IN WHATEVER WHENEVER
Everyday 11:00 - 21:00
Talad Noi Roundabout, Talad Noi, Sampantawong, Bangkok 10100
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