Same Neighbour, New Perspective Activity. Highlight of Thonglor – Ekamai venues in Bangkok Design Week 2020

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Same Neighbour, New Perspective

Activity Highlight of Thonglor – Ekamai venues in Bangkok Design Week 2020

  Take a look at Thonglor-Ekamai from a different perspective. The district is not only an area for nightlife lovers and a district filled with stylish accommodations, famous restaurants, offices, public transport and chic hangout cafés; it also has many design companies and stores hidden at every corner.   The district, somehow, lacks sufficient development plan causing poor collaboration among local businesses. Hence, BKKDW2020 decided to bring the “Creative Neighbourhood” concept to the area gathering local experts and specialists from all aspects to work together on the assignment. Working as a team allowed participants to let the mixed identities between the preserved history and the new wave of modern business to merge and flourish moving the district forward.
  • Neighbour Green Ekamai Road is often reminisced as an avenue with shades of trees covering the road. This was a successful result of neighbour collaboration to create green spaces by promoting it through green practices including a workshop turning wastes into arts, an Oasis Creators Program transforming unwanted items into something useful, or an artificial flower workshop learning how to arrange flowers by Olive Creative using leftover vases from kenkoon Factory.
  • Neighbour Art and Media Thonglor-Ekamai is a centre of bars, restaurants and shopping places of all styles. A group of neighbours in the area; therefore, organised various art activities pitching ideas to improve bus stops, pavements and pedestrian crossings encouraging people utilise the road and public area. Designers also opened their houses for good conversations while indulging themselves into art pieces and dances to great music. A list of great activities includes:
      • Live Scale Floor Plan “The Playground” Exhibition by Mobella at ACMEN Ekamai Complex presents an active experiment on Smart Living with a workshop on interior plan reading using the 1:1 scale and real furniture to understand the practical distance for interior design. This helps readers to understand and change an interior drawing into practice. A furniture making will also be demonstrated by specialists from a leather furniture factory, a wooden furniture manufacturing and an outdoor furniture company.
      • PDM Brand X Atelier 2+, a collaboration between PDM Brand, a Thai design company on creative products, and Atelier 2+, Thailand’s leading designers. The two companies worked together to present creative spaces utilising various architecture and interior aspects inspired by Thai culture. The project allows audience to feel and understand the ‘better design, better living concept’ aiming to let a good design factor to be considered in their next furniture purchase. Activities also include presenting new ideas in different dimensions and enhancing the local living quality of the district while inspiring others. The partnership between Shma and kenkoon sets a good example by bringing materials and knowledge of kenkoon to better design bus stops in the area.
      • Movie in the Front Yard Program by kenkoon / PDM Brand / Lamptitude with Chobjai Studio presents ‘movie night at a friend’s house’ idea using a giant screen in the heart of Thonglor at kenkoon Thonglor Showroom. Tag your friends along, grab a picnic mat by PDM Brand and enjoy watching independent films in the garden.
  • Neighbour Food Did you know that famous design work and furniture are right here in Ekamai especially at the ACMEN Ekamai Complex? Here comes the idea of merging the beauty of creative designs with mouth-watering menus from famous local restaurants in the district. What about serving a delicious dish on special tableware dining in an amazing atmosphere? Stristro teamed up with kenkoon, PDM Brand, Modern Outdoor, Nomjit Grilled Chicken to change the look of street food. Kenkoon let us travelled back in time by creating a unique setting at Nomjit Grilled Chicken Ekamai Branch, the classic Thai food legend. Another fantastic spot for the food makeover is Ekamian Fusion Restaurant. Chef Tan Kosiyabong, the owner, will bring you a cool setting at kenkoon Thonglor Showroom.
  • Neighbour Memory Ekamai is not only a place for young gens to hang out; it is also full of fun history. It is home to an old community rich with traditional shophouses and culture along Klong Peng, the canel with history. Explore the arts along Klong Peng, appreciate the photos of many historical places and allow a cup of aromatic coffee to soothe your body while listening to a fun history and beyond.
  • The Commons A loft-style community mall, one of the most popular hang-out locations in Thonglor, invites you to join their fun activities during the Bangkok Design Week 2020.
Thonglor-Ekamai inspires and encourages local people and nearby to look at their district from the Bangkok Design Week 2020 perspectives. Modern business proves to be more challenging nowadays, yet business alliance and friends’ network can offer sustainable business. Partnership and collaboration lead to resilience, a new potential for sustainable business and living quality. Creative Neighbourhood is not simply the main theme of Thonglor-Ekamai during the Bangkok Design Week 2020, yet it represents the concept and the power of togetherness of the area pushing the community forward.